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Cellz simulates the journey of a bacterium in the human body. Your only goal is to successfully destroy all the system, one organ at a time. By doing so, you will meet some pretty strange cells that will try to eradicate you. Your enemies are actual immune agents used by our body to eliminate invaders. You will also meet some unusual and funny characters that will add some challenge to your experience! Each organ has its own environmental type of defense (for instance, stomach has gastric liquids) and they also have a unique bosse, making the game light and funny!

Your journey begins in the mouth and ends in the brain. You will explore in discover the human body like you never did before!

By now, Cellz has 4 types of enemy (Lymphocytes, Neutrophils, Monocytes and Macrophages) and I am planning to add more immune agents to diversify the game experience!

cellz enemies

Demo actually includes:

  • Level-Up System based on experience (up to lvl 90);
  • Mutations and Abilities (6 mutations, 25 Abilities);
  • 1 Level (Stomach);
  • 2 "Elements" (Red Cells and Platelets);
  • 2 Weapons;
  • 12 In-Game achievements;
  • Complete Tutorial;

cellz characters

Game will include:

  • More than 30 levels;
  • Tons of unique skins;
  • Weapons, weapons and more weapons;
  • More abilities;
  • More bosses;
  • Multiplayer Modes (Coop, VS and Waves);
  • Game editor

Cellz on Steam:

My actual challenge is to put Cellz on Steam as fast as possible! Why? Because Steam will remove Steam Greenlight soon and replace it with Steam Direct. I'm afraid that the submission fees will hugely increase (between 500$ and 5000$) and this could lead to a disaster in the Indie Game industry. So...

cellz steam

I agree with people claiming that Steam has accepted some really strange games on their site... But don't be afraid this time!

Why should I vote yes:

  • Very active development: I've been working every single days on Cellz since January and I am planning to work on it for the next years!
  • Community implied: The community will really participate in the evolution of Cellz by sharing ideas and suggestions, filling some forms and tracking bugs and glitches.
  • Videos of development: You will be able to see the changes made in the game by following my YouTube channel.
  • Great update rate: As I previously said, I work on the project every single day! So the game will update a lot.
  • Steam Integration: I love Steam, I love Steam Cards and Steam Achievements! I would love to integrate Steam Workshop to!


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Version 2 Mar 20, 2017


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