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WARNING! This game is a free demo of Bacteria-X: Evolve! Take 2 seconds to help BXE to invade Steam!:

Bacteria-X is coming soon on Itch! (October) Help me developing one of my best life's project! I am a 1 person team that creates all the actual elements you can see and hear in the game. This project is such important to me, I'm planning to work on it for the next 2 years (MINIMUM!). Please, be a part of the BXE's invasion by trying the demo, buying the real game, tracking the bugs and sharing your ideas/opinions! I'm about to make this game a BEAST!

What's the difference between the DEMO and the original?

Demo Content:

  • Only one type of enemy (Lymphocyte);
  • No Elements;
  • No story/ No missions (except survive);
  • Only 2 weapons available (Pus ball and Nail);
  • No Save/Load function.

Still enough to kick those lymphocyte's butts!